Accounting price provided in accordance with  agreement signed by the parties. Depending on the needs of our clients, our company offers two methods of pricing of accounting services:

FIXED PRICE. The fixed pricing method of accounting services is suitable for companies that maintain a constant volume of business. The cost of services includes entry of source documents into the accounting program, reporting to the management of the company, calculation of employees' salaries, execution of orders and documentation, submission of prepared financial reports and declarations to the responsible authorities.

CHANGING PRICE. The changing pricing of accounting services is adapted to companies that perform seasonal jobs. The cost of services depends directly on the size of the business. As the number of documents decreases, you will be paid for the work actually carried out, depending on the number of employees and the number of bookkeeping. This will allow you to reduce payments during periods of low activity.

The price of the services is determined individually for each client. Our rates are competitive, but our monthly fee is less than the cost of hiring an accountant.

To find out how much your company accounting will cost, contact us and we will discuss with you the specifics of providing an accounting service and we will provide you with a competitive offer. 

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